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By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation, ABB Ability solutions future-proof infrastructure and transform key business processes for safer, smarter operations that contribute to a low-carbon future.

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Where industry know-how meets advanced technology

ABB Ability™ solutions combine ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation to empower real-time, data-driven decisions for safer, smarter operations that maximize resource efficiency and contribute to a low-carbon future. By connecting software to our electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, we push the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels.

Deep domain expertise for solving real industry problems

As a global technology leader, ABB’s presence in more than 100 countries means we can tap into innovation capabilities from throughout our ecosystem. It also means that we stay close to our customers and the on-the-ground reality that drives their requirements. Customers know we’re there for them, and count on ABB to provide world-class service and support.

ABB has a deep repository of operational knowledge and insights across commercial and industrial sectors, with more than 40 years of experience building software and connectivity into our devices, equipment and systems. This expertise informs how we apply digital technology to solve specific industry challenges. We’re a worldwide leader in process automation and are proud to have earned the #1 position in distributed control systems (DCS).

Our approach to technology leverages best-in-class capabilities, assures end-to-end integration, and accelerates development and delivery of solutions that work together to provide superior customer outcomes.

How our technology approach supports your business needs

Deployment flexibility

Software components for the device, edge and cloud; consumption model choice.


Cloud-to-cloud connectivity to maximize integration and collaboration across systems.

Automation and control

Closing the loop with connected devices; systems-to-master process control.

Increasingly, it is important to deliver insights where the action is, at the edge of enterprise operations. This may include remote, disconnected or harsh real-world operating environments. We provide deployment flexibility through a set of common software technologies and services for the device, edge, cloud and on-premises.

We know our customers are wary of vendor lock-in or making a choice that will inhibit their ability to realize benefits across their value chain. While more than 450 IoT platforms exist today, we expect business-to-business markets won’t converge towards a single cloud environment because industrial customers have highly specific needs (regulatory, safety, and others requiring domain-specific features) that can’t be provided by common, horizontal systems.

ABB’s approach emphasizes connecting clouds to create an “intercloud,” which is easier to accomplish at the cloud-to-cloud level where computing, storage and connectivity resources are plentiful and affordable.

How do we use digital technology to deliver our expertise to customers? We start with solutions that sense and analyze, producing valuable information that lets our customers see their entire operation more clearly.

To deliver more value, organizations need to “close the loop” by going from sense to analyze to act. This means we are translating digital information into physical action via our automation systems, and ultimately, boosting productivity.

Protecting your systems and your data

Adopting new innovations can raise new concerns. Learn how ABB keeps your business running safely and securely.

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