Industrial internet of things

ABB Ability

By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation, ABB Ability solutions future-proof infrastructure and transform key business processes for safer, smarter operations that contribute to a low-carbon future.

Better decisions for intelligent energy management

There are multiple forces driving dramatic changes in all segments of the energy industry. Aging infrastructure, new regulations, distributed energy resources and the convergence of information technology and operations technology (IT/OT) are just a few.

A fast-changing energy landscape

The energy requirements of the world are changing rapidly, driven by economic shifts and the growing specter of climate change and a degrading environment.

A global solution will require global innovation in areas as diverse as energy production, battery storage, carbon capture and microgrids. ABB Ability™ brings an array of digital solutions to the table to accelerate energy transitions, the use of green energy, increased industrial efficiency and the ability to monitor and manage energy consumption.

Sustainable progress on energy affordability and safety

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is one of the UN’s key sustainable development goals. In response, countries and municipalities around the world are setting strict new standards for emissions and renewable energy. Some are striving to meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement, while others simply see it as a smart way to approach the future.

Digital technology enables more efficient, resilient energy production and distribution—orchestrating a distributed network of wind, solar, hydroelectric and storage capabilities to meet constantly varying demand. By precisely managing the production and flow of power, digital solutions can help make energy not only green, but also affordable and safe.

Digital solutions powering new use cases

Industry needs smart hardware and software to deliver on the true promise of changing energy ecosystems: making energy green, affordable, and safe. ABB Ability™ solutions deliver the infrastructure, innovation and intelligence to turn potential into reality.

ABB has experience working with large utilities as well as the smallest microgrids and power installations at factories, buildings and for transportation solutions. This in-depth knowledge gives us comprehensive insights into your needs.

We use the expertise garnered from decades of designing, building, monitoring, maintaining and operating these systems to help you make smarter and more efficient energy management decisions.

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