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By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation, ABB Ability solutions future-proof infrastructure and transform key business processes for safer, smarter operations that contribute to a low-carbon future.

Smart Mobility

Our unique expertise in all areas of power systems, combined with energy optimization solutions, makes us perfectly suited to address the issues facing all industry segments impacted by Smart Mobility: power generation, transmission, distribution, EV charging, and energy management at end-user facilities.

Develop solutions to lower costs and help the environment

Our world’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) is rapidly accelerating among consumers and businesses, and across industries and geographies. This transition is driven by many factors which can be subsumed under three key drivers:

These changes, however, are accompanied by a relatively low understanding of all implications of this transition. For example, based on studies conducted by ETH Zurich, a rapid increase in consumer EVs in Germany would result in net negative impact on the environment due to reliance on coal burning plants to meet the expected increase in demand for electricity by households during the night.

Similarly, according to our analysis, TCO of EV trucks by some of the transportation companies would increase compared to diesel trucks. Consequently, ABB Ability™ is sponsoring studies to not only better understand the true impact of Electrification of Transportation, but to also actively develop and roll out solutions to lower the TCO and assure net positive impact on the environment.

TOSA and charging station in apls

Digital-first approach to Smart Mobility

Our decades-long experience in the world of electric utilities and their energy management includes significant experience in designing optimum solutions for EV busses, trucks, and other vehicles to meet greatly varied objectives of cities and corporations.

Our solutions use digital-first approaches to monitor and manage energy use, energy storage, and generation to lower TCO, limit green gas emission, or to optimize other KPI’s.

Writing the future of mobility

ABB Pioneers: Writing the future of mobility

Meet Imad Morchid, a pioneer with a vision for e-mobility.

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