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As it confronts climate change, the world needs industry to be at its very best, balancing the needs of the economy and the environment to create a future that works for all. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will play a key role in striking this balance, delivering the infrastructure, innovation and intelligence to unlock new sources of productivity and efficiency and enable a low-carbon society. 

Key research findings

Check out this video for a quick tour of some of the highlights from ABB’s new research on digitalization, sustainability and the role of the Industrial IoT.

Thought leaders in conversation

Empowering insight

ABB’s Peter Terwiesch on which technology matters most to sustainability 

Lucas Joppa of Microsoft details his thoughts on realizing sustainability goals 

Peter Terwiesch of ABB on how digitalization helps transcend organizational silos

Microsoft’s Lucas Joppa on the critical success factors for sustainable organizations

The transformation imperative for industry, according to ABB’s Peter Terwiesch

IMD’s Michael Wade on empowering employees for more sustainable operations

Peter Terwiesch of ABB share his thoughts on the “true potential” of the industrial IoT

OECD’s Anthony Gooch on the “melding” of digitalization and sustainability 

ABB’s Peter Terwiesch on a “longer wavelength” view of industrial transformation

IMD’s Michael Wade on global megatrends facing industry today

ABB’s Peter Terwiesch shares his views on the state of industrial technology

Microsoft’s Lucas Joppa: make sustainability core to the mission

ABB’s Peter Terwiesch on data’s role in sustainable operations

Digitalization and sustainability can no longer work in silos

With the Industrial IoT, good for the planet happens to be good for profits as well

Industrial IoT technologies help compress the time from insight to action

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The Industrial IoT can help

The data, visibility and insight that come with the Industrial IoT hold the key to better decisions at scale

Tune in to hear from ABB and other industry experts on the convergence of digitalization and sustainability and the critical role of the industrial IoT.

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