Understanding and meeting customers’ unique challenges

Over decades, ABB has worked with thousands of customers in dozens of industries, so we understand the challenges our customers face. The operational insights and technical know-how we’ve gained through this experience help shape the solutions we create to meet those challenges.

Digital solutions that work for your environment

ABB’s 130 years of experience spanning multiple industries gives us a deep understanding of the operational reality our customers face. With both deep and broad industry knowledge, we not only have a view of your specific industry needs, we have identified use cases that are transferable across industries and across geographies.

The use cases we enable are as varied as the industries we serve. You’ll find ABB Ability™ integrating information, managing energy resources and physical assets, monitoring the condition of equipment, and fostering smoother operations. ABB Ability™ solutions power better decisions in data centers, EV charging networks, manufacturing sites, renewable energy installations and throughout the entire built environment.

No matter what your industry, our digital capabilities can be tailored quickly and easily to the needs of your application. See how ABB Ability™ solutions—rooted in advanced technologies and deep industry experience—can help make your operation safer, smarter and more sustainable.

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