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Powertrain automation

To an automobile, the powertrain is equivalent to its heart. Without it, it can’t run. That’s why the process of powertrain automation must be incredibly precise and reliable.

Provide complete manufacturing equipment solutions

The trend toward more fuel-efficient automobiles translates to a need for lighter-weight materials and manufacturers are downsizing engine parts wherever possible. Automakers are required, now more than ever, to handle complex machining and assembly processes during powertrain production.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

With digital manufacturing solutions for powertrain production, automakers can plan complete powertrain manufacturing operations, define tool paths, calculate machining cycle times for specific stages of operations, and predict potential collisions or other problems.

Featured solutions


Powertrain automation specializes in providing complete manufacturing equipment solutions. Our value chain encapsulates the foundry, machining, deburring, cleaning, pre-assembly, final assembly and test markets for traditional and green powertrain products for Automotive, General Industry, Aerospace, Alternative Energy and Heavy Industry applications.

Our product range includes:

  • ABB robots, controllers, software and our complete line of robot products
  • ABB conveyors for palletized and free transfer of components
  • Digital gauge software (DGS) for advanced measurement applications
  • Full portfolio of robotic wash components including regenerative and vacuum drying methods
  • ABB robotic 2D and 3D vision software

Our flexible and modular solutions include:

  • Machining Deburr, and Cleaning
  • Assembly and Test
  • Conveyor Solutions
  • Integrated Force Control
  • FlexVision™ 3D
  • Programming Tools

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