IRB 6700

Press automation

Customers are looking to maximize output, flexibility, availability and reliability without compromising safety or quality.

Optimize press shop productivity

Our deep experience in robot press automation allows us to focus on the things that matter most to our customers: well-proven systems that optimize productivity, easy-to-use automation systems that remove complexity, and cost-effective solutions that help lower fixed costs.

Digitalization of the press automation process allows for a maximum networking of IT systems, manual processes and machines to help fully meet individual customer requirements.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

With a customized solution, robot, oven and press can communicate directly with no need for separate PLC. User interface for fast process changes can happen without extensive programming skills. Faster loading and unloading of the press via robots relieves employees from having to handle heavy parts and increases productivity.

Featured solutions

Our portfolio of solutions covers the complete value chain across the press shop including cost-efficient blanking solutions, flexible front-of-line destackers for aluminum and steel, fast interpress automation, scalable end-of-line rackings, plug-and-produce press cells and highly efficient and reliable press lines for cold and hot stamping.

Our globally connected and collaborative team enables us to support our customers worldwide. From concept design phase up to start of production and operation support we stand by our customers to answer all their needs. Our offerings span from the front to the end of line production processes.


ABB Ability™ Remote Assistance for robots

Monitor and access expert knowledge from the same, secure platform and with the click of a button.

Enabling better customer decisions

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