ABB Ability™ for Data Centers

Data centers are among the fastest growing elements of the information age and are expected to serve more than 20 billion “connected devices” around the world by 2025.

Deliver smart electrification and automation

To operate effectively, a data center needs reliable power supply with integrated automation systems.

Smart data needs smart power, so we focus on delivering the safest, smart, most sustainable data center solutions for our customers, to run their businesses reliably and efficiently.

"...Just imagine how everyone is depending more and more on data, computing power and connectivity. We all rely on a data center somewhere and it needs to run efficiently. At ABB, we can help you meet the data demands of today and tomorrow...."

-Brian Johnson

 Global Segment Leader, Data Centers, ABB

Uninterrupted power for your data-driven business

60 GW 

energy consumption

Feeding the data beast

Worldwide, data centers are expected to consume 60 GW of energy, or 2.5% of global electricity consumption by 2020.

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20 B 

connected devices 

Big data, big business 

Data centers are expected to serve more than 20 bilion "connected devices" around the world by 2025. 

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2.5 Q

(quintilion) bytes of data

Making the most of data, with data

2.5 quintilion bytes of data are created every day.

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