Condition-based monitoring & control

For data center operators, the ability to ensure the highest levels of availability and reliability as well as avoid unplanned outages and downtime offers the potential to decrease operating and maintenance costs.

Reduce infrastructure investment through condition-based monitoring

By looking at the actual condition of the electrical equipment, operators can move away from reactive maintenance towards condition-based maintenance.

Maintenance for electrical equipment is usually done either according to time based maintenance schedules (preventive maintenance) or when reacting to a failure (reactive maintenance). In the case of reactive maintenance, there is an unplanned outage that reduces plant performance and increases costs. In the case of preventive maintenance, experience with the equipment is required to ensure adequate schedules are set and maintenance teams are coordinated. This means that maintenance costs are incurred regardless of the actual condition of the installation.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Often called “the heart of the Internet,” the value of a data center lies in its availability, and a host of supporting technologies such as HVAC and data center infrastructure management software, which help increase their efficiency. Technological advances such as micro-modular and cloud-based data centers promise to transform the industry.

Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ Asset Health for electrical systems

Continuously monitor medium voltage breakers and switchgears for proactive maintenance planning.


ABB Ability™ Distribution Controller for grids

All-in-one user interface, automation platform, and communication gateway for ANSI users.


ABB Ability™ Backup Management for electrical systems

Data-sharing and backup service providing convenient sharing of technical information on protection and control relays.


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