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The shipping industry is facing a range of challenges which will impact established business and operational models. Environmental regulation and global oversupply in ships are increasing the need for efficient vessel management.

Integrate operations from ship to shore

Shipping companies are increasingly adopting connected, digital solutions as they move towards intelligent, automated shipping. As large volumes of data are obtained from a wide range of onboard control systems, it is crucial that the end solution delivers consistent data that enables easy interpretation and usability.

For shipping companies, digital solutions are increasingly being used as a cost-effective way of improving efficiency while complying with environmental regulations. Tools, like on-board energy consumption visibility software and crew decision support systems, are used to ensure that vessel crews make safe, efficient decisions while operating their vessels.

Onshore access to vessel data provides ship owners with the information they need to benchmark fleet performance and identify opportunities for improvement. For charterers, insurance companies and cargo-owners, it provides the visibility and transparency they need to make informed and appropriate decisions.

"...To enable autonomous shipping, we need a DP system that replaces traditional solutions designed for disconnected operations. Embracing new technologies for the human-machine interface and offering tangible safety and efficiency benefits, ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision does exactly that..."


"...When we started to see what the technology could do, we realized that personnel safety would be only one of the features we could deliver. We could track goods on board, the location of safety equipment, the performance of equipment – basically anything that could be monitored by sensors..."



-John Roger Nesje 

Co-founder and CEO of Norway-based maritime IoT company ScanReach


Smart sensors in Marine & Ports

Sensors: not only a game changer, a real lifesaver

Smarter vessels in a connected fleet

Pioneering digital technologies from ABB are opening the door to autonomous shipping.

Ships that steer themselves and are aware of their operational health. Industrial temperature measurement that doesn’t intrude on operations, and a unique ring bus design that delivers power more reliably. Digital connectivity makes it possible.

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