Fleet management

Digital solutions for fleet management include new software that leverages deeper levels of data from more intelligent ships to save energy and ensure safety and availability across the entire fleet.

Energy efficiencies for the whole armada

Fleet managers have to deal with similar issues across many individual ships, which can make it hard to see the bigger picture. How could intelligence from one ship provide value to them all? How much could fleet-wide intelligence save the company on fuel costs? How much would this impact the company’s environmental footprint? Can operators on board benefit from the collective advice of experts on land?

Today’s fleet management tools offer an extensive overview for decision makers to not only visualize and control the fleet, but understand and gauge its operation against key performance indicators.

Control of the big picture

Fleet management solution sets may contain modules for both on ship and the office, allowing energy to remain a focus and be part of the decision making from operators to senior management. The ability to assess energy factors in combination with operational data allows you to make better decisions about, for example, the ideal cruising speed and optimum trim or when to schedule hull cleaning.

Benefits include:

Up to 5% reduction in propulsion energy costs

Reduced CO2 emissions for a smaller carbon footprint

Energy loss due to propeller RPM fluctuations reduced to as low as 1%

Simulations can be run for future design improvements

Applications use predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as customized models incorporating decades of industry expertise, to identify and prioritize emerging maintenance needs based on probability of failure and asset criticality.

By combining state-of-the-art integrated automation systems with unique fleet-wide marine software and performance management solutions, you can improve your vessels’ energy efficiency, availability and overall safety.

"...Now that we have connected all of our vessels to this software we are able to fully utilize ABB’s Fleet Portal, so all the motion-related data collected from the whole fleet can be tracked and benchmarked. By doing so, we are able to increase the safety of the voyages and the comfort level of our clients significantly...."


Marc Beerendonk

Director of Engineering, Cosco Heavy Transport

Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ integrated operations centers study data from multiple ships to provide fleet-wide energy efficiencies. Our solutions for fleet management collect data from each ship’s propulsion systems in real-time, including variations in speed, draft, water depth, wind and waves.

Through data analytics, we leverage our expert knowledge of the marine industry to provide recommendations that can be applied throughout the fleet. Results can be jointly viewed and implemented quickly by your company.

  • Information is applied in real time, as opposed to traditional post-voyage analysis
  • Vessel operators can receive advice on the optimum trim in any weather condition
  • Propeller speed can be optimized for significant savings, factoring in intended route, required ETA, weather forecasts and vessel characteristics
  • Fleet managers can access data about fuel consumption, speed advice, propulsion power analysis and hull cleanliness
  • Recommendations can be made for current journeys and future ones
ABB Ability™ Life Cycle Assessment for induction motors

Optimizes advanced maintenance planning for entire motor fleets to ensure uninterrupted operation.


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for marine – Remote Diagnostics

Reduce downtime, reduce need for on-site visits, condition monitoring of monitored assets.


ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision

A situational awareness solution that makes vessel operations safer and more efficient.


Enabling better customer decisions

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