Integrated automation

The complex engineering that was once required to connect different systems and components is being transformed by new technologies reshaping the requirements and streamlining the implementation of total horizontal and vertical ship integration.

Achieve versatile and seamlessly integrated automation within one environment

An integrated, centralized approach to ship automation is the most effective way of delivering full benefits for ship owners. It involves the seamless connectivity of a range of control systems and an extensive product set.

Shipping companies are increasingly adopting connected, digital solutions as they move towards intelligent, automated shipping. As a large volume of data is obtained from a wide range of onboard control systems, it is crucial that the end solution delivers consistent data that enables easy interpretation and usability.

"...Our customers are seeing the benefits of partnering with one experienced supplier for their integrated automation and energy management solution. With higher demands for emission reduction and fuel efficiency, and strong growth prediction for electrical and hybrid propulsion systems, integrated automation solutions will be the key to reaching the full potential of a greener vessel operation...."


-Kjetil Stenersen

Head of Marine Automation for ABB's Marine and Cranes business unit

Integrated, intuitive, intelligent shipping

Driving the digitalization of integrated ship operations are advanced analytics, portals, and the possibilities opening up with digital twin technology. The latest generation of integrated automation technologies and modules give your crew access to a ship where all systems and equipment work seamlessly together, operated from a single, intuitive user interface.

Reduce investment costs

Reduce training expenses

Optimize maintenance

Increase vessel uptime

A higher and more profound degree of integration means using vertical integration between your ships’ various systems such as power generation, propulsion, process control and safety management functionalities. This implies the use of intelligent devices and embedded controls at all levels to achieve cost efficiency.

Digital twin technology


Digital twin applications

Learn more about how ABB is using digital twin technology to shape the digital future.

Featured solutions

The ABB Ability™ System 800xA is an industry-proven automation platform that provides you with full and integrated control of onboard systems. Shipyards benefit from ABB’s integrated automation offering as the automation part will in most cases be delivered as part of a total electric propulsion package. The whole delivery is integrated and cost-effective to install and commission your shipyard, all coming from one supplier.

ABB Ability™ System 800xA

A collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.


ABB Ability™ Integrated Engineering Automation Builder

Integrated software suite for machine builders and system integrators wanting to automate their machines and systems.


ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Vision

A situational awareness solution that makes vessel operations safer and more efficient.


Enabling better customer decisions

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