Onshore insight in vessel & fleet performance

Shipping companies are using digital solutions to optimize individual and fleet-wide performance. As their ships become more connected to the onshore operations team, more of the vessel operation decisions are made remotely with significant efficiency benefits.

Remotely optimize vessel performance

Onshore access to vessel data provides ship owners with the data they need to benchmark fleet performance and identify opportunities for improvement. For charterers, insurance companies and cargo-owners, it provides the visibility and transparency they need to make informed and appropriate decisions.

Make better, more informed management decisions

Onshore solutions powered by the latest digital and communications technologies enable shipping companies and their stakeholders to see vessel performance data and make better, more informed management decisions.

Frequent reports sent from onboard systems to a central database server, accessible worldwide via the Internet, provide constant visibility into the status and location of your ships. This allows you, the fleet owner, and your team to perform detailed analyses and lifetime monitoring for your entire fleet by remote means. Combined with vessel fuel consumption data, key performance analytics can also help you significantly improve fuel efficiency.

Monitor and analyze data such as:

Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ solutions for the marine industry provide ship owners and operators with insight into the performance profiles of both their individual vessels and entire fleet.

Our solutions can significantly improve visibility for the cargo owner, simplify the work of the onshore operations department and enable multiple stakeholder groups to make the right decisions.


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for marine – Remote Diagnostics

Our digital solutions connect the ship’s crew with their technical and nautical departments in the office, as well as ABB as the supplier of mission-critical systems. The driving force behind these solutions are operators at sea and ashore who want to effect change in work flows through cost effective digital technologies.


Enabling better customer decisions

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