Remote diagnostics & predictive maintenance

Increasingly, digital solutions are being used to integrate offshore and onshore operations, leveraging new service models and cloud technologies to increase safety and profitability.

Enhance your predictive capabilities through data analysis

Maximizing uptime while reducing the cost of maintenance and use of service engineers is a key challenge for shipping companies and offshore contractors.

Big data offers immense potential for the marine industry. As it is embraced into daily operations, ship owners and operators are exploring how it can be used to support, monitor and even automate operations from onshore, centralized operation centers

"...Through partnering with ABB in remote diagnostics and condition monitoring, we aim to reduce our customers’ total cost of asset ownership by 30 percent through lifecycle maintenance..."


- Jarkko Tiainen

Sales Director, Digital Services

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Historically in shipping, data has been collected from various sources in order to identify the cause of an incident. Now, with added human and machine input, data can be analyzed to predict what will happen rather that what already has.

Today, decision-making support can be augmented by analyzing the data gathered from vessels and their onboard components. The future of shipping, and many other industries, depends increasingly on data analytics for decision automation.

Integrated operations refers to a way of operating that allows your ships, onshore headquarters and suppliers to operate with the same set of tools and digital solutions. By combining and centralizing operations, you can provide enhanced support for your entire fleet and take service and support to a new level.


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Centers around
the world support marine customers 24/7


Reduction in essential service visits


Vessels supported by the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Centers

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ABB Ability™ remote services for the marine industry cover advanced analytical solutions at the equipment, system and fleet level. There are currently 1,000 ships supported by the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Centers worldwide. From these hubs, ABB experts monitor operational shipboard systems, coordinate equipment diagnostics and offer predictive maintenance services. 

The ABB Ability™ Marine Remote Diagnostic System offers preventive and continuous on-board monitoring of electrical systems with a three-tiered service offering (troubleshoot, proactive and predictive).


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for marine – Remote Diagnostics

Our digital solutions connect the ship’s crew with their technical and nautical departments in the office, as well as ABB as the supplier of mission-critical systems. The driving force behind these solutions are operators at sea and ashore who want to effect change in work flows through cost effective digital technologies.


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