Vessel management & operation

By combining state-of-the-art integrated automation systems with unique fleet-wide marine software and performance management solutions, we help our customers improve their vessels’ energy efficiency, availability and overall safety.

Better monitoring, motion prediction and power & propulsion management

The shipping industry is facing a range of challenges affecting changes in established business and operational models. Environmental regulation and global oversupply in ships are increasing the need for efficient vessel management and operation.

With technical functions tending to be more centralized than before and onboard staff shifting towards a more operational focus, accessing data in a reliable, timely and secure manner is key to optimizing this shift of responsibilities.

Whereas the Chief Engineer was historically the technical guru on the majority of ships, increased connectivity and reduced Information System (IS) costs mean that the guru may be located elsewhere.

By using information that has already been collected into existing databases, then adding other pieces of data such as condition monitoring, environmental data or the operational parameters of the ship, new technologies such as machine learning can empower teams ashore to make strategic decisions for better vessel management and operation based on real world data.

"...ABB offers a very useful system onboard the vessel which helps to monitor and predict vessel's motion. For me, ABB’s Motion Monitoring and Forecasting system is one of the most frequently used devices when I am on the bridge...."


-Captain Oleg Maryasov

Dockwise Vanguard

Closing the loop from office to propeller

Digital solutions are increasingly being used as a cost-effective way of improving efficiency while complying with environmental regulations. Tools such as on-board energy consumption visibility software and crew decision support systems are used to ensure that vessel crews make safe, efficient decisions while operating their vessels.

While it is not entirely clear how digital solutions and platforms from different marine vendors will be brought together to function seamlessly in the future, what seems likely is that different OEMs, service providers, classification societies and vessel owners will communicate in an intercloud, combining data from multiple cloud solutions through a set of standard or specific application programming interfaces (APIs). This will enable an owner to create a digital world by connecting to the data services needed for their operations from various parties, such as condition monitoring, performance analytics, remote surveys and more.

Regulatory pressures are driving digital investment to comply with emission abatement technologies both ashore and at sea. Unlike in shoreside industries, ships tend to have the entire energy chain of power generation, distribution and consumption. By looking at the entire process, there is a real opportunity now to review the broad spectrum of digital tools that may increase ROI values in terms of managing vessels in the future.

Shipping 4.0 and the intercloud


The pace of technology

ABB's Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret speaks to a select group of maritime journalists and editors about the future of shipping.

Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ solutions for vessel management and operation consist of the most complete and comprehensive modular digital decision support software suite that provides the right tools to monitor and optimize vessel efficiency. It also helps you optimize route planning, comply with environmental regulations from the EU and IMO, and improve the safety of both your crew and cargo.


ABB Ability™ System 800xA

A collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for marine – Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics to optimize energy storage, route planning or increase performance after vessel dry-docking.


ABB Ability™ Loop performance fingerprint

Benchmark current control loop performance, identify issues that reduce control performance & recommend improvements.


Enabling better customer decisions

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