Boiler optimization

Reduce fuel costs & emissions, manage maintenance risks and expand revenue opportunities.

Maintain peak performance in any market

The cost of equipment failure isn’t just measured by actual downtime. What adds to it are time and cost of getting the equipment functioning again, as well as the impact of the failure on all processes and outputs in the meantime. The math gets particularly large with core equipment, so maintaining the performance integrity of the entire system is key.

Once the equipment fails, it is key to get it up and running again as fast as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Forward-thinking companies are using data collection and analysis to understand root causes, predict future failures and make such events less frequent – and should they nonetheless occur, make their resolution less costly.

Key challenges include:

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Today’s power producers operate in uncertain times as traditional operating models are disrupted. You face an increasingly complex operating environment and fragmented marketplace. Deregulation, power trading, decentralized power markets, increased competition from renewables, price volatility, fast-ramping requirements, a loss of institutional knowledge and the constant threat of cyberattack are among the most critical challenges facing the industry.

How can you mitigate risk, minimize costs, and optimize plant and fleet performance while maintaining profits? The answer is digital technology. From integrated control systems drawing data from an ever-increasing array of IoT sensors to remote collaborative management of operations from anywhere on the globe, digital is how companies increase profits, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our solutions for boiler lifetime monitoring, optimal control of main and reheat temperature and optimized soot-blowing regime are best suited to meet requirements.

Digital solutions for utilities allow for the remote monitoring of a plant and can initiate notification should the performance in a unit degrade. This, then, prompts investigation, analysis and a service recommendation at the Service Center. If necessary and available, potential use of standby unit(s) and/or other workarounds to maintain the performance integrity of the system can be initiated.

Tracking of standard KPIs and early detection of performance or stress deviations allow damage avoidance, while startup optimization brings the standby unit online at low cost/short timeframe, and combustion optimization maintains boiler efficiency with lower emissions.

Remote services enable you to:


Reduce boiler startup cost by 15%


Improve efficiency up to 1%


Reduce NOx emission by 5 to 15%

Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization combines closed-loop optimization with world-class digital technologies that allow power generators to maintain peak performance under any market conditions.

The result reduces fuel costs and emissions, increases revenues with better plant load flexibility and improved ramp rates, at scale. The benefits of our solutions reach beyond the plant, encompassing fleet and enterprise operations so you can be proactive even in fast changing markets.

ABB Ability™ Edgenius

A comprehensive cloud-managed edge platform for industrial software applications, hosted on the edge or in the cloud.


ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for 800xA control systems

Identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve the performance of control systems.


ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for power generation and water

Enables more efficient operations and maintenance by collaborating with fully dedicated, co-located operations experts.


Enabling better customer decisions

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