Power plant automation

Maximize plant efficiency and reliability through automation, integration, and optimization.

Simple, scalable, seamless, secure

At least 40% of the world’s cyber attacks target the energy sector, and up to 40% of abnormal events within a given plant are due to operator actions or error. Maintaining the integrity of the system is therefore an emergent issue that cannot be ignored.

Customers are seeing cyber security grow in urgency, alongside the need to prevent other causes of downtime. They have increasing gaps in resources and skill sets. Furthermore, personnel can be overloaded with nuisance alarms and suboptimal control loops in the control system. No two alarms are equal, so the ability to respond appropriately, and in a timely fashion, is more important than the warnings themselves.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

The latest developments in automation standards and technology enable the previously separate automation of a power station’s process and electrical systems to be combined into a single integrated system. For power plant operators, this results in a wide range of benefits in engineering, operation and maintenance.

Plant operators and electricians can work with the same control system and use the same graphic displays. The uniformity of the presentation of information and operating procedures improves the quality of operational processes. The electrical systems can also be operated from any power plant control system workplace. This means that electrical system information is also available without limitation at any time and from any workplace.

Smarter system protection

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Featured solutions

ABB Ability™ solutions for power plants and automation systems are complemented by ABB Service Centers which provide expertise and services such as monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and maintenance.

We offer a unified approach to security, compliance and change management for total plant automation. By reviewing and optimizing the alarm system, and tuning off-spec control loops, ABB Ability™ solutions help you achieve reliability, availability, effective forced outage rate and optimal human resource allocation.

Risks are reduced by increasing cyber security, while alarm management and improved control loop performance result in greater operator efficiency and wrong decisions being avoided.

ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus​​​

A distributed control system designed to maximize plant efficiency and reliability through automation.


ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for 800xA control systems

Identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve the performance of control systems.


ABB Ability™ System 800xA

A collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.


Cyber Security Workplace

A reliable, secure and compliance oriented solution to embrace foundational security.


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