ABB Ability™ for Renewables

Alternative sources of electrical energy, including hydroelectric, solar, wind and wave, are being harnessed around the world to face modern-day challenges.

Develop and deploy sustainable energy from source to socket

The transition from carbon-intensive energy sources like wood, coal, and oil to natural gas and renewables, is well underway. But, new sources of power require new levels of protection and control to ensure seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.

While hydroelectric, solar, wind and wave are the best known renewables, biomass, tidal and geothermal are increasingly becoming contributors to global energy supplies. Each of these alternatives present unique challenges to protect and manage electrical systems.


Generate new, sustainable and renewable energy sources

Electrical grids were originally designed around a handful of power generating stations. Today they are combined with energy sources that rely on the weather, which means they are less consistent. Generating power from traditional fuel sources can be scheduled, but renewable power generation is less predictable. Integration of decentralized power generation from renewable sources requires careful analysis and adaptation of the power system as well as collection grids for wind farms or solar power plants.

We are proud to help companies all over the world create electricity from renewable and sustainable sources, without compromising safety or manageability. Our experience with all forms of energy generation allows us to help design and implement protection schemes tailored for the most innovative technologies. We offer renewable plant automation solutions that help simplify operations, improve grid compliant renewable power production, and maximize asset return on investment.

Efficiency and reliability for all power segments

ABB for Renewables

Beautiful woman architect, working on an ecological construction project in her office. Focus on wind turbines at the foreground
woman architect working on an ecological construction project

ABB integrates grids with renewable forms of energy

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