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By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation, ABB Ability™ solutions future-proof infrastructure and transform key business processes for safer, smarter operations that contribute to a low-carbon future.


Solar power

Rising pollution levels and the resultant global warming pose a real threat to our planet. As countries join forces to combat this danger, they are looking at cleaner and more sustainable ways of living that do not consume the Earth.

Unlimited, safe energy with zero emissions

Significant progress has been made in the last few years, with solar energy taking a definite lead in terms of adoption. According to Frost and Sullivan solar capacity around the world grew to 101.6 GW last year, almost double that of 2015.

Energy is one of the biggest global challenges we face today and major companies are at the heart of this issue. This is because the world expects them to come up with new technologies and systems to produce energy with reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, widely recognized as one of the main causes of global warming.

Renewable energy plays a fundamental role in future energy policy in the light of the mounting interest in safeguarding the environment and the search for more efficient uses of energy resources, with the recognition that traditional fossil fuels will not last forever. Against this background, the sun is unquestionably an energy source of huge potential, one that can be exploited without harming the environment.

Solar panels

Encouraging green energy on a global scale

Innovative solutions are needed to help decouple industrial growth and urbanization from environmental impact – meet growing electricity needs while lowering our carbon footprint. The solar power technologies world is becoming increasingly competitive. Technological improvements are a main driver of cost reduction.

Next generation solar energy systems can utilize intelligent control through digitalization tools to make them more efficient, safe, clean and sustainable.

Featured solutions

From sun to socket, no one provides more solar solutions. Empowering the planet with solar energy. Around the world, we are pioneering solutions that harness clean energy from the sun to power sockets at home and at work.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services to optimize the performance, reliability and return on investment of any solar installation – from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications and utility-grade power plants.

With a proven track record in solar since the 1990s, global presence and expertise from solar systems to grid connection and integration to smart grids and microgrids, we are your expert partner.

ABB Ability™ System 800xA

A collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.


ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus​​​

A distributed control system designed to maximize plant efficiency and reliability through automation.


ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System

The innovative cloud-computing platform that monitors, optimizes and controls electrical distribution systems.


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