ABB Ability™ for Transportation

Economic growth, rapid urbanization and a move towards a low-carbon emission society are driving our planet’s motivation for more sustainable ways of transportation.

Accelerate adoption of sustainable transport

Fossil-fuel-powered motor vehicles, trains and planes, account for about a quarter of the world’s energy consumption – and about the same proportion of global carbon-dioxide emissions.

Our support for electric vehicles is well known. We have a long tradition of developing and delivering the innovations that help make e-mobility and power transmission more efficient, practical and sustainable. We’ve built:

Integrated services and solutions to take you farther

Across transportation sectors, operators are struggling to optimize asset management of often isolated systems and data storage. Our leading integrated and collaborative digital solutions build on our deep domain expertise across marine, railways and electric vehicle charging. We service the rail and transportation industries, both for urban areas and long-distance tracks, with a range of power and automation products and solutions.

Our ABB Ability™ services and solutions integrate systems on land, rail, sea and in the air. From collaborative operations to remote monitoring, motion forecasting and energy management, ABB Ability™ enables transport providers to know more, do more, do better, together.

ABB for Transportation


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Enabling better customer decisions

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