Wastewater treatment

Population growth, increasing water demand and aging infrastructure are straining the wastewater treatment systems of big cities. These increasingly complex challenges require smarter solutions that provide better, more accurate, monitoring, measurement and control.

Gain visibility and control

Water and wastewater operations are multifaceted. Not only must services for the community be reliable and deliver value at minimum cost, they must meet rigorous health and safety standards, and comply with industry and environmental regulations.

Municipal or industrial plants that have to discharge liquid waste are required to prove to the relevant authorities that the chemical content and volume discharged comply with environmental standards and do not exceed legal limits. Typically, at a minimum, instantaneous pH and flow is monitored and flow is also totalized. These variables must be recorded in a secure method, so that in the event of a downstream incident or an inspection, the original data can be easily retrieved and viewed.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Municipal and industrial water and wastewater processors have a need and responsibility to source, treat, distribute and discharge water in a sustainable, cost-effective and safe way. To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to measure, actuate, record and control.

Digital solutions harness the power and value of data in monitoring and managing infrastructure.

Featured solutions

Throughout the world, we have executed many projects from mid-to-large water and wastewater treatment plants. Our offerings and solutions minimize the considerable energy usage in the operation of water and wastewater treatment plants.

Streamlining of data handling is achieved by combining process values from the field and deferred lab analysis measurements into one solution. The unified DCS provides you with an integrated plant automation system, adaptable to future expansion and allows full control over the older and newer parts of the plant:

  • Complete and integrated instrumentation, control and electrification solutions
  • Advanced reporting functionality to meet regulatory demands
  • Flexible reporting system fulfilling demand of plant, service and operational managers

During installation, we work hard to ensure no loss of productivity or release of untreated water.

ABB Ability™ System 800xA

A collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization.


ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring Services

Services to assist in maintenance planning and analysis of condition data.


ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for LV Drives​

Identifies, categorizes and prioritizes opportunities to optimize low-voltage drives and associated equipment.


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