Water distribution network

The ability to continually detect and analyze network events transforms information from your water network into immediate actions to reduce water losses and optimize distribution.

Real-time control of water distribution

Rapid urbanization in emerging markets is putting immense pressure on water distribution networks. Ensuring everyone has access to clean water requires increasing efficiency to reduce water leakage and prevent major disruptions.

Key challenges for water distribution networks include:

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Real-time detection and localization of water leakages, pipe bursts, zone breaches, faulty meters, equipment faults, and other faults improve water supply quality through operational and maintenance efficiency. Centralized management tools with user-friendly, KPI-oriented dashboards and other key functions included in the latest digital solutions, give you the tools you need to manage your distribution networks effectively.

Featured solutions

Our digital solutions for water distribution networks enable you to control and operate your infrastructure in real-time, improving efficiency and safety along the way. ABB Ability™ solutions for water distribution networks provide:

  • Secure real-time monitoring, control and optimization of distributed water systems
  • Scalable automation, from single valves up to complete regional networks
  • Seamless vertical and horizontal integration of solutions into existing system infrastructure
  • Complete and integrated process instrumentation and quality analyzers portfolio
  • Accurately detect leakage points (3% of pipeline segment length or less than 1 km) and service-heavy areas
  • Continuous water quality monitoring with the potential to segregate polluted or infected sections
  • Reduced amount of non-revenue water

With 50 years of expertise in all industries, from water intake to water transfer and distribution, from desalination to water and wastewater treatment in municipal, industrial and irrigation sectors, we count hundreds of projects around the world.

ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for 800xA control systems

Identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve the performance of control systems.


ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System

The innovative cloud-computing platform that monitors, optimizes and controls electrical distribution systems.


ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices

On-line condition monitoring delivering best in class accuracy and availability.


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