Water facility service

Modern services for the water sector are designed to get the best performance from the plant, the production processes and the people who work there.

Upgrade your plant performance

Water and wastewater processes must be efficient and reliable. Your drive and motor assets are aging all the time, and without adequate servicing, the useful life of your assets will be reduced, impacting your planned investment programs and increasing the risk of fines due to equipment failures at critical times.

Improving your drives’ reliability and performance, and extending their functionality in desalination or irrigation plants, pumping stations, municipal freshwater and wastewater treatment plants, or water and wastewater networks may require upgrading and retrofitting. In addition, modernizing your drives ensures support and spares availability.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Asset efficiency is a function of the reliability, availability and maintainability of your equipment. These core requirements are essential for the optimum performance of the low and medium voltage drives or large multi-drive systems on which your processes depend.

Digital services allow you to analyze the energy savings potential in your business, which in turn helps you make the right choice either for new drives that are designed to run your motors based on your processes current demands, or for modernization solutions of aging drives systems. Either way, the result is better energy efficiency in your processes, giving you both lower energy costs and a reduced CO2 footprint.

Featured solutions

Our digital solutions include services designed to raise the performance of the plant’s automation and electrical assets, its operations and maintenance staff, and the production process during the life cycle of the facility.

Using the latest digital solutions to drive outcomes and protect your equipment and intellectual investments, our service strategy includes:

  • A full portfolio of services that includes upgrades, retrofits and modernization of your aging critical drive assets
  • Integrated suite of security applications and tools for assessing and strengthening control system cyber protection
  • Analysis of maintenance and budget requirements of plants with different needs
  • Fingerprinting and benchmarking to help you identify which parts of the process are most at risk or which categories of staff are most in need of skills improvement
  • Regularly scheduled upgrades that enable the control system to run optimally and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and functionalities
ABB Ability™ Energy Optimization for drives and motors

Analyzes the energy savings potential in your business by using ABB drives and motors.


ABB Ability™ Cyber Security for power generation and water – Workplace​

A suite of security solutions for control systems to enhance reliability, automate security efforts and minimize risk.


ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for drives

Delivers accurate, real-time information about drive events to ensure equipment is available, reliable and maintainable.


Enabling better customer decisions

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