Water Transmission

With a renewed focus on the future of water availability, water desalination is increasingly being used to maximize the amount of potable water.

Going the extra mile

In many parts of the world, hundreds of millions of people still lack access to clean and safe drinking water. A 2017 joint monitoring report by Unicef and the World Health Organization marked that number at more than 844 million people worldwide, many of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa. Among the worst affected are those living in urban areas, and especially informal settlements, where population growth and rapid urbanization are outstripping already inadequate infrastructure.

Routing and rerouting water supplies to desalination and other plants requires considerable expertise. Unique topographies and steep elevations create real pressure management and pumping challenges as well as significant energy and water capacity needs.

Solving industry needs through digitalization

Thanks to cloud-based information technologies coupled with smart flow measurement devices, it is now possible to locate leaks and faults by analyzing data from a water network and using statistical algorithms to detect anomalies.

Other parameters, like water quality, can be monitored with sophisticated water analyzers that can measure contaminants down to the parts per million or even billion. Once a water network is connected to the cloud, there is the possibility of segregating sections, if pollution or infectious agents are detected.

Comprehensive solutions for water transmission include central control systems, large pumping stations, high pressure pumps – all integratable with plant control systems. Total control over a transfer system that spans hundreds of miles (or kilometers) is not only a possibility, it’s a reality.

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