A digital ecosystem empowering better decisions

Partnerships are key for ABB Ability™. The technologies we deploy are many and varied, and no single company can be equally good at all of them. We have chosen the best technology companies in the world to help us deliver new and different use cases for our customers.

Accelerating new digital solutions to build customer value

In this era of digitalization, artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), partnerships are more important than ever. The pace and complexity of technological change are simply too great for any organization to master alone. As a global technology leader, ABB is at the center of a robust innovation ecosystem that accelerates the delivery of new digital capabilities for our customers.

We partner from a place of shared strength and shared values. ABB has a world-class R&D organization and unrivaled domain expertise. We collaborate with technology leaders with the same level of expertise in their own fields.

Most important, we share a commitment with our partners to put customers and customer value at the center, and provide them with complete, integrated solutions to their business challenges.

ABB Ability™ collaborates with global leaders and nimble startups

ABB’s strategy is to select and recruit best-of-breed partners to work with us to design, build and operate advanced digital solutions. We collaborate with other technology leaders, software system integrators (SIs), strategic consultants and innovative technology startups to enable, complete, or advance the digital solutions we offer our customers.