ABB plus Ericsson
In April 2019, ABB and Ericsson ABB and Ericsson initiated a global partnership to accelerate wireless automation for flexible factories, unlocking new business opportunities enabled by combining 5G and industry 4.0.

Paving the way for digital transformation of industries

ABB and Ericsson drive digital transformation of industries seizing the full potential of 5G for industrial manufacturing, enabling faster access to more data and better decision-making based on insights and increasing productivity, efficiency and quality in manufacturing worldwide.

With this technology companies pave the way for the highest flexibility for machines on the factory floor. Utilizing 5G networks, the deployment and operations of large fleets of autonomous machines and robots will become a reality.

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"...5G technology partnerships across business, government and society are key to developing the digital economy. By embracing and enabling such partnerships, new digital opportunities can be realized to benefit the global economy, national economies, and businesses of all sizes..."


-Börje Ekholm

President and CEO, Ericsson

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