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In November 2017, ABB and HPE announced a global digital partnership that combines ABB Ability™’s industry-leading digital offerings with HPE’s secure edge compute and hybrid information technology (IT) solutions, as well as new service-based business models, known as XaaS.

Bringing intelligence to industrial plants

ABB and HPE deliver joint industry solutions that merge operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) to turn industrial data into insights and automated action – from device to edge to cloud.

Our joint customers can rely on two industry leaders to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and to increase their value add.

ABB has made an increased commitment to the ABB-HPE partnership as a Silver tier member in the HPE Technology Partner Program. This allows ABB to integrate, test and market our products with industry-leading and enabling HPE information technologies.

ABB also has access to tools, processes and resources to develop solutions for our joint customers in order to accelerate innovation, transformation, and value – resulting in increased mutual revenues and market share.

ABB - HPE partnership focus

Whether a simple gateway or sophisticated connectivity or analytics and computing, the edge enables the IIOT. Secure edge computing allows customers to run their critical workloads closer to the data source, thus eliminating challenges such as autonomy, latency, bandwidth, data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Customers may not be able to move all their data into the public cloud but would still like to benefit from “cloud-like” capabilities. A purpose-built, “on-premises” cloud (e.g. Azure Stack) enables customers to benefit from digital solutions that can be flexibly deployed either on premise or in a hybrid environment, and thereby maintain full control over their data.


Leveraging HPE’s Pointnext service organization as well as HPE’s Financial Services’ business to offer customers “Everything as a Service” – from traditional leasing to innovative, consumption-based models.

Benefits of the HPE partnership

The ABB Ability™ partnership will provide customers with integrated solutions that generate actionable insights from vast amounts of industrial data, to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their core operations and to create a competitive advantage.

Customers will be able to accelerate secure data processing in industrial plants and at the same time, effectively control industrial processes across locations.

  • Deep domain expertise from two market leaders in different industries.
  •  Joint industry solutions that integrate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) assets. 
  • Ability to turn industrial data into insights and automated action in a hybrid environment – from device to edge to cloud. 
  • Deliver enterprise-grade IT to the point of data collection and control and even for the most demanding environments.

The partnership heralds the next level of the digital industrial transformation, bringing intelligence from cloud-based solutions to hybrid and on-premises deployments in industrial plants. This creates truly flexible and efficient industrial operations for customers who will now be able to take actions that drive greater uptime, speed and yield.

The partnership enables both companies to jointly deliver solutions that span the entire range of computing required by enterprises today, from the device to the edge to the cloud.

This is an opportunity to set a new bar for OT/ IT integration, establishing the benchmark for deploying and managing integrated OT/ IT environments. Together, ABB and HPE can help customers better manage their heterogeneous environments and increase their value add.

Examples of joint solutions


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