Industrial internet of things

ABB Ability

By combining ABB’s deep domain expertise with connectivity and software innovation, ABB Ability solutions future-proof infrastructure and transform key business processes for safer, smarter operations that contribute to a low-carbon future.


In April 2017, ABB and IBM announced a strategic collaboration which began with a focus on enhancing ABB’s products with IBM’s AI offerings and has now evolved to include other leading digital solutions.


Enhancing our digital offerings with IBM's market leading solutions, technology and customer expertise

IBM brings together deep customer and industry experience, leading solutions (asset management, building management) and enabling digital technologies (AI, blockchain, analytics) with industrial strength security. The integration of this into ABB’s digital offering, ABB Ability™, can help organizations innovate to succeed with their biggest challenges.

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Benefits of the IBM partnership

ABB’s deep industry expertise coupled with IBM’s business insights, advanced research and technology know-how gives customers a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Driving joint innovation for our customers

We offer our clients a proven innovation process leveraging IBM’s innovation hub methodology.

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